Symbolic Hand Language: Signs of Blessings
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The Hands of the

As symbols of her energizing touch, hands were painted on cave walls and carved in stone by Paleolithic humans as early as 20,000 B.C.

The Healing Hand is a universal symbol of giving and friendship. With a star in the palm, it is the Oriental symbol of harmony and balance.

Hands of the Goddess Live Long and Prosper

Spock's Vulcan greeting from Star Trek was brought to the show by Leonard Nimoy who is Jewish. It is a two handed blessing used by the Kohanim lineage of Rabbis who descended from Moses' brother Aaron.

Live Long & Prosper
Eye in the Palm

The Oriental Eye of Mercy is a Tibetan gesture to dispel fear and was also drawn by Native Americans. As the symbol of Palmistry it means insight is found in the palm.

Eye in the Palm I Love You
in American
Sign Language

A similar hand gesture (mudra) in India refers to the Goddess Jagadamba, the "Mother of the World".

I Love You
Mano Pantea

The Hand of Blessing was a Roman sign of "The Hand of the All Goddess". It was later adopted by Christian clergymen. In Islam it is called the Hand of Fatima.

Egypt used it to evoke the protection of the parental spirits. The index finger is the Mother-Goddess, the middle finger is the Father-Godhead, and the thumb with an acorn seed on it is the Child, Horus, the newborn sun of each day.

Mano Pantea Yoga Mudra

For meditation the index finger touches the thumb to show the passing of wisdom's energy from teacher to student.

It represents the unity of the mother and child under the protection of the Triple Goddess who brings security, love and good fortune.

Yoga Mudra

Some eastern traditions add these signs to the finger tips:
Index - Sun of Insight and Wisdom
Middle - God's Eye for Protection
Ring - Star of Hope
Little - Renewal from the Waxing Moon